Advantages of cooperation with CDEK

Hight Quality
We have the SLA of our customer services
The best network of unique branded PUDO points in Russia
Extensive network of unique branded PUDO points. They are of same recognizable design and have the same structure wherever they are situated in. For the safety of every parcel there are CCTV cameras installed in every office. For your customers’ comfort each office is also equipped with comfy trial room and waiting area where customers can sit and have a cup of coffee in case if there is a long queue, and their children can play. 
Best last mile experience
Our brand is well recognized and trusted by everyone in Russia so you get many loyal customers from your first day of sales in the Russian market
 Simplified customs procedure
Our professional customs officers handle all the formalities. Upon your request we can collect passport data of the recipients
Marketing events
We organize marketing events to promote your business in Russia. If needed we help you to start sales in Russian marketplaces.
API integration
for any web platforms
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